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Grants Committee

This committee has been established with one clear objective in mind. This is to seek out grants and initiaives that are suitable for financing projects that can enhance our school community. The Grants Committee works alongside the Events and Fundraising Committee as well as Sponsorship to provide the necessary funds to advance our school further than otherwise could be achieved.

Active Australia Innovation Challenge Grant from the Heart Foundation

Our climbing wall was opened in 2023 after a few years of delay due to covid lockdowns and bad weather! This has been invaluable addition to our school to help improve students arm strength and gross motor skills, of particular importance in an urban school setting with not a lot of play space. The wall was made possible due to volunteer project management, volunteer artists, sponsorship and P&C fundraising.

Stronger Communities Grant &  Anthony Albanese MP

Our bright and cheery front fence artwork by local artist, Kim Siew, was made possible thanks to this grant. Additional funds raised by the fundraising committee made it a reality. 

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Community Building Partnership Grant, Inner West Council and Solar my School

A 39Kw solar panel system was installed at Ashfield Public School in 2022. This was made possible with thanks to the Community Building Partnership Grant, Solar my School and Inner West Council.


Junior Landcare Grant

We received a Junior Landcare grant to revitalise our vegetable gardens. This was beneficial to increase the exposure to gardening to many of our students who don't have gardens at home. We also have built a relationship with the Exodus foundation and founded the Crews Kitchen Garden.

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