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Events & Fundraising

Welcome to the Events & Fundraising Committee!


Love planning a party? Enjoy attending events? We need you!

The events committee is always looking for keen volunteers to join. You don't have to have any experience in running events (though that would be amazing if you do!), we're just looking for parents and carers who would like get involved in brainstorming, and organising some events for the P&C. 

Holding Events is not all about fundraising. Events are a fantastic opportunity to get our community together in a fun and relaxed environment which is worth way more than money!

If this sounds like you or you have a question please send us an email

Frequently Asked Questions

What events do you organise?

We aim to hold at least three all inclusive community events during the year. At the start of the year, in early first term we hold a Meet the Parents event - which is a lovely way to welcome new people to our school family and meet up with current members of our school community. We hold a Disco and Movie Night which everyone loves. Additionally, there will be one adults-only fundraising event during the year. In previous years, we have held Comedy for a Cause and Trivia Nights. More recently, we have organised the Ashfield Community Market & an end of year event for P&C volunteers.

Does the events committee have to do everything?

The events committee will be in charge of organising the events (with the support of the P&C exec) but we will reach out to the school community for volunteers for jobs (i.e. ticket sales, setting up, packing away etc) at the actual events.


We use our sign up page to post jobs and let people sign up to whatever they like to do. Sponsorship of the events will be organised by the sponsorship committee. We just need your help to brainstorm ideas, make bookings and get things organised. You are welcome to delegate work to as many other volunteers as you see fit!

Do I need to have experience running events or be on the P&C?

No! If you have experience in events, that would be fantastic! But we just want people who are keen to help organise and share ideas. And you don’t need to be already on the P&C. In fact, we would love to see some new faces!

I have other event ideas – can I share those with the P&C?

Definitely! If you have an idea for a great fundraising event or an event for our school community, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email. We would love to hear it!

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