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About Us

We are very grateful for your interest in becoming a part of the Ashfield Public School P&C Association.

We are a group of parents, carers and community members that are dedicated to helping the school in ways that benefit students and their families. Our primary goal is to support Ashfield Public School by organising fundraisers and events that contribute to the betterment of our school and its students. We strive to bring together parents, students, teachers and other members of the community in a spirit of cooperation, ensuring that every voice is heard and valued.

If you are interested in playing an active role in the P&C, you are welcome to join our regular meetings to learn about topics that are currently on the agenda and raise issues that you think are important. Joining the P&C not only allows you to contribute to our school but also provides a chance to forge lasting friendships within our amazing community. Our events are not just about fundraising; they’re about creating moments filled with joy, laughter, and shared experiences.

To become a member, we invite you to fill out the form linked below. There is a $1 membership fee which gives you voting rights and the ability to hold an elected position. 

There are a number or sub-committees that always welcome new members and which actively engage in day-to-day school affairs.

Together, let’s make a positive difference in the lives of our students and our school. We look forward to welcoming you to the APS P&C family!

Volunteers are integral to everything we do at Ashfield Public School P&C. From the people who serve in the Executive Committee, to people who bake cakes and absolutely everything in between. We deeply appreciate and value the time volunteers dedicate to ensure the success of events, intiatives and projects which provide our students with unforgettable experiences.

You do not need to be a member to volunteer for us! Volunteering is a fabulous way to meet new people and be a part of the community. There are many opportunities to work at your own pace too. 

If you have a special skill or another idea to offer, please reach out to us here

To view our current volunteer opportunites click the button below!


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